Testimonials ForSuzanne Leisher

Exemplifies what a top notch Realtor is

Our experience with Suzanne could not have been better, start to finish. Suzanne exemplifies what to expect when hiring a top notch realtor and she is! There needs to be a comfort level between the seller and realtor. Right away, first impressions all the way around were great! Everybody involved in the sale of the house felt comfortable, safe and our parents’ estate was in very capable, caring hands with her. We did interview other realtors but none compared to Suzanne. Suzanne gave us the ability to list the property in the higher range of property value while others balked at that idea, suggesting it was worth much less. We did in fact, come down in price to what the market could bear at the time. However, we did end up selling the house at almost $30,000 more than the other realtors had suggested it was worth starting at. The house sold in the Fall and Winter of 2016 which is a typical down time in the market and sold fairly quickly for that time due to Suzanne’s marketing strategy. We love the fact that Suzanne saw the property for what it was and let us dream big. Suzanne is a full time, hands-on, knowledgeable realtor. She was ready to answer any and all questions we had, and there were a lot. With Suzanne’s knowledge and guidance it made the sale of our parents’ property much easier and at times enjoyable. She was a total pleasure to work with start to finish! Her marketing of the house was incredible. From her choice of a photographer, brochures, MLS listing to her posting on the property. Suzanne gave us a much bigger pool of potential buyers through her contacts near and far. We had several people that came from other states to view the property. This would probably not have happened if we had made a choice of a different local realtor. Everyone that viewed the marketing Suzanne put together felt the need to view the property in person, even though in many cases, the property was not exactly what they were looking for. This speaks to her genius in marketing! At inspection time Suzanne was there for us. This is a somewhat nerve-racking point in the sale of a property. She guided us through the inspection process and report thereafter and helped us decipher the report. She helped us sort out the items that needed to be done due to safety reasons. She also helped us sort out the items that were not safety items and just items that the buyer had requested to be changed that we did not have to do. With her knowledge, it saved us thousands of dollars. When it came to the work needed to be done and accomplished in a rather short time frame, Suzanne was once again there for us. We had a difficult time finding a plumber and electrician due to the ongoing new construction to take on small jobs in a short time. Suzanne had licensed people that were capable of doing these types of jobs in the time frame given to close on time. Her contacts with these people saved the sale of the house, and at the least made it close on schedule. Suzanne helped and explained to us the type of loan the buyer was using, the negatives and positive side of it. She helped us understand the the paper process and closing. We could not recommend a better, more knowledgeable, friendly realtor. If you are in the market for a top notch realtor we hope you are fortunate that she will agree to be your realtor as well. We will be using her services again in the near future. We will proudly recommend her to all we know and those we meet in the future who are in need of a realtor. Finally, the best thing of all; Suzanne started as our realtor, but through all the ups and downs in a real estate transaction and there are many, you really get to know a person. We are very proud to have made a new friend along the way in Suzanne.